• Holistic development - systemic observation, engagement, evaluation and development
  • Connections to a lot of of conscious and socially active people.
  • Heart, Peace, Acceptance, Freedom, Responsibility.

Looking for:

  • People who have dedicated their lives to personal growth and improvement of our society. System thinkers and system changers.
  • People uniting the best of: Science, Business, Technology, Ecology, Spirituality, Relationships, etc.


You can read <a href="#path">the detailed path here</a>.


  • Openness and Authenticity, Cooperation and Connection, Diversity and Respect, System Thinking andDevelopment, Active Responsibility, Abundance and Freedom
  • Spiritual Development, Pure Perception, Direct experience, no dogmas, Interconnectedness, IntuitionDevelopment, Meditation, Yoga, Mind, Inner Drive
  • Joy, Helping, Peace, Silence, Love, Compassion,
  • Health, Exercising, Hiking, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Artabana
  • Water, Rain, Trees, Birds, Nature, Fresh Air, Barefoot on Grass, Sand, Stones, Air, Earth, Sun
  • Environment, Ecology, Sustainability
  • Social Movements, Social Structures, Peer Production
  • Open Source Software, Open Source Hardware, Open Design, Open Source Ecology, Decentralization, LocalProduction, Sustainable Agriculture, Permaculture, Natural Building, Renewable Energies, Digital Fabrication
  • Linux, JavaScript
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Open Business Models, Distributive Economy, Gemeinwohl Ökonomie.

Nikolay Georgiev

OOD, OOP, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Design Patterns, UML, Git, TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Functional Programming
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive, Grunt, Bower, Dust.js, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Ampersand.js,, require.js, Browserify, Protractor, Selenium, CoffeeScript
Node.js, Express.js, Jade, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Expect.js, Mongoskin, Mongoose, REST APIs, hapi.js
Ionic Framework, Cordova, jQuery Mobile
JDK, JSP, Eclipse RCP, Java Beans, Servlets, Struts 1.2, Spring, Applets, JSF, Swing, SWT, GMF, JDBC, Hibernate, JNLP, JCE, Maven, Log4J, JUnit, Selenium, AWT, GWT, Portlets, EMF, JNI, Ant
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, MongoDB
Django, Python, C#
PyCharm/WebStorm, Eclipse, Chrome, Wordpress

06/2015 - 12/2015
Berlin, Germany
Feelance Frontend Developer
  • Angular.jsJavaScriptGruntHTMLCSS 
05/2015 - 10/2015
Berlin, Germany
Feelance Frontend Developer
  • Angular.jsJavaScriptGruntHTMLCSS 
Berlin, Germany
Started freelance frontend development
02/2015 - 05/2015
Berlin, Germany
Frontend Developer
  • Ionic FrameworkAngular.jsFamo.usCordovaHTMLCSSSASSJavaScriptGrunt 
Improved MOMO website
  • WordpressMailchimp 
09/2014 - 10/2014
Berlin, Germany
Frontend Developer
  • HTMLCSSJavaScriptAngularJSAmpersand.jsSASSBootstrapExpress.jsHapi.jsMochaChaiProtractorGrunt 
01/2014 - 08/2014
Awareness exploration
08/2013 - currently
Berlin, Germany
Software developer
  • AngularJSMochaChaiProtractorGruntBowerSASSDust.jsjQueryjQuery MobileBrowserifyNPM 
  • Katrin WluckaThomas Deterding
06/2013 - 05/2014
Berlin, Germany
Software developer
  • BackboneMarionette.jsDust.jsGruntBowerjQuery UISASSDjangoPython 
  • Jasmin Wiefek
07/2013 - 05/2014
Berlin, Germany
Coworking Space developer
Moved to Berlin
Started eating vegan
Holistic Focus
01/2012 - 09/2014
Social Entrepreneur and Organizational Developer
06/2011 - 09/2014
Social Entrepreneur
01/2011 - 12/2011
Press Spokesman and IT support
Celebrated the first Giving Birthday
Karlskrona, Sweden
Art of Hosting Training
04/2010 - 07/2011
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • Adobe FlexJavaSpringJSPHTMLCSSJavaScriptjQueryWebSphere Application ServerJAX-WS Web ServicesPustefixJavaServer FacesEJB 2.1MockitoSelenium 
  • Dr. Ingrid Mikosch
Started eating only vegetarian food.
04/2009 - 02/2010
Darmstadt, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • JavaSpringApache CXFAntEclipse RCPSWTJNLPBugzillaGWTJSPHTMLCSSJavaScriptjQueryXML SchemaJAXBUIMA 
  • Jörg-Kleinz
Darmstadt, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • Eclipse RCP 
09/2009 - 01/2011
Searching for practical sustainability solutions
09/2006 - 09/2009
Conscious spiritual unfolding
07/2008 - 07/2009
Darmstadt, Germany
Vice President Education
Darmstadt, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • Eclipse RCP 
04/2008 - 03/2009
Darmstadt, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • EMFEclipse GMFDiamodlQVTopenArchitectureWareAdobe Flex 
  • Daniel Bär
04/2008 - 09/2008
Darmstadt, Germany
Software architect and developer
  • Eclipse RCPProtégéOWL 
06/2007 - 03/2008
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
05/2007 - 06/2007
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
08/2006 - 04/2007
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
  • Java Portlet APIJava BeansHTMLCSSJavaScriptCVSJNIC#DLL 
06/2006 - 08/2006
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
  • JavaEclipse RCP 
10/2005 - 05/2006
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
  • JavaApache AXISServletsJava Portlet APIJSPHTMLCSSJavaScriptXMLMySQLOracleRDMBSMS-SQL 
08/2005 - 12/2005
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
  • J2MEJCENetworking 
08/2005 - 10/2005
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
05/2005 - 06/2005
Darmstadt, Germany
Software developer
  • JavaSwingAWT 
10/2003 - 09/2009
Darmstadt, Germany
Bachelor of Computer Science
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
passed TOEFL
09/1998 - 06/2003
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Student at the Mathematical High School
01/1997 - 01/2001
Mathematical Contests
09/1995 - 09/1998
Lyubimets, Bulgaria
Student at the secondary school
01/1991 - 01/1998
Lyubimets, Bulgaria
after-school activities
01/1991 - 01/1995
Lyubimets, Bulgaria
Student at the elementary school

These are the most important learnings of Nikolay until now, expressed in a simple sentence, with short description and examples. This is an initial and lively (changing) draft and is not meant to be exhaustive and all explaining. In fact, some expressions may be interpreted contradictory to one another. Pick whatever resonates and be critically vigilantly open for the rest.

Everything is possible

Everything you can and cannot imagine is possible.

Example: being in the deepest abyss of horror and expanding unstoppably in ecstasy. Feeling both extremities at the same time and all of their permutations by degree and space-time in all different situations and relationships.

Everything replicates

Everything you experience and decide to experience (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, images, actions) replicates (repeats itself) through you and through others, "inside and outside". If you believe something (no matter what, correct/incorrect/good/bad/inspiring/depressive/etc) about somebody/something, you will believe it again, you will start/continue to experience it in the way you believe it and ultimately the others will start believing it too. The belief itself will be recreated during events occurring through space-time.

Example: If you believe that you or somebody is not enough, not worthy, you are putting the seeds for you or them to be not enough and not worthy (not enough replicates). If you lie, you will lie again. If you lie to others, they too will lie (lie replicates). If you create order in your room, you will create order in your life and order in the lives of people who connect with you and your room (order replicates).

Everything is perfect

Everything is a perfect consequence of more than the billion reasons contributing to its existence and experience. Everything exists in perfect meaning and purpose in its total interconnectedness.

Example: What you think, believe, feel and do right now (or in the past or future) is a perfect consequence of all the choices you, the people you know and do not know and everything else have made.

Everything can be improved

Every thing and every process in every area of life can be improved. Improving means to design and create it according to some criteria, e.g: freedom, practical, lean, modular, replicable, shared, commons, co-owned, long-lived, sustainable, regenerative, healthy, beautiful, simple.

Example: Look in your room, pick an object and reflect how it can be improved according to the above mentioned criteria. Pick an economical, logistical, thought or other process and do the same.

Whatever you seek, you can find. Everything you find you will lose. What you most deeply seek and cannot lose is You.

No matter what you seek, it is possible to find it and you can find or create it. Seeking implies experiencing something in the future that is not experienced now. Nothing that appears at some point in your experience will stay forever - it will go away. Everything which comes, goes away. Everything that will be created, will be destroyed: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, states, visions, projects, relationships, networks, health, body, objects, cities, planets, universes, etc.

If you go to the deepest root of desire - often ultimate knowledge, feeling, state - you will recognize that even once this object of desire if found, it will be lost. So what are you left with after that? With that which was and is always with you - You. If you used words to describe You, they could be: experiencing itself, life itself, the most constant stability in experience, the absolute peace, absolute acceptance, unconditional choiceless love, mystery, simplicity.

Example: you seek happiness/peace/whatever from others, experts, books or yourself, but the happiness that came, went away. During the whole process You was there.

The root cause of suffering is inappropriate understanding and application of how things work

Can be observed in practical work, relationships, and all our experiences. The more aligned our understanding and application of how things work is, the better we and our creations are.

Example: Having expectations without understanding how the context works. Complain about something with a desire for change in a context that cannot provide change. Knowing, but not applying what works.

Focus on the Best, Leave the Worst, Repeat

This is the most simple and effective everywhere applicable development process I am currently aware of. You should define what Best and Worst mean for you. The more clear the definitions, the quicker you will be able to identify Best and Worst, the quicker you can make decisions and develop further. After the first iteration and with every next iteration, you will leave things that you previously thought were good, because as you develop further, you know and can identify better what it best, and connect more and more with the best.

Example: Look in your room and identify the worst and best things. Remove the worst and keep the best. Repeat - look at the remaining things, remove the worst and keep the best.

Follow your Inspiration

Know everyday better and better what inspires and you do it more and more.

Example: Most people do things in one way, but you feel inspired to do them in another way, do it. Holding in mind two choices, you feel more inspired about one of them, choose it.

Follow your Intuition

If you notice that often your intuition is correct, follow it. The most clear signals are when you know it is right and it feels good. Sometimes it is the total opposite of your expectations and desires, but it turns out true and right for you/others, so follow it. Sometimes your intuition may tell you not to rely on it, but to check factually things out, so follow it.

If you are dissatisfied with the intuition answer, you can ask it for detailed clarifications. Take time to improve your connection to your intuition. Intuition is defined here as knowledge/feelings/images that come to you, not created by the external senses or logical sequential thinking or pattern recognition.

Example: If your intuition tells you not to engage in a specific partner/business/human/animal/object relationship, do not engage. If your intuition tells you to start a project, start it.

Desire and create the highest

Desire and create the highest for you, everyone and the world.

This is list of references/experiences of friends of mine (some CouchSurfers) of our time and work together. If you want to add your impressions here that would be awesome! Describe in an email how you experienced our time together, but please not in way that I or the public reading it should like it, instead share your experience in the most authentic way!

In den Monaten unserer Zusammenarbeit bei atmosfair habe ich Nikolay sowohl als überaus kompetenten und engagierten Entwickler - er hat hauptsächlich AngularJS bei uns gebaut - als auch als herzlichen und positiven Menschen kennengelernt. Er schaut in vielerlei Hinsicht weit über den Tellerrand hinaus, und wir hatten wunderbare, inspirierende und auch lustige Diskussionen vor allem während unserer - meist veganen - Mittagspausen. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Projekt mit ihm!

Seine Art, Code zu entwickeln, unterscheidet sich allerdings grundlegend von seinen Salaten (in beiden Fällen handelt es sich um hochkomplexe Dinge, von beiden durften wir probieren). Ersterer ist klar und übersichtlich strukturiert, man findet sich schnell zurecht, jede Zutat macht Sinn, überflüssige Bestandteile sind nicht vorhanden. Die Zielsetzung zweiterer erschließt sich hingegen nicht so schnell. Man merkt bald: hier sind Widersprüche, Fragmentierungen, Ungereimtheiten durchaus erwünscht, Teil des Konzepts, beabsichtigt. Und tatsächlich, irgendwann erschließt sich auch die kulinarische Absicht, und man lächelt und genießt (ob man auch gelächelt hätte, wenn das Code gewesen wäre, steht auf einem anderen Blatt). Fazit: jederzeit wieder!

~ Olaf Schreiber, Projektmanager, atmosfair gGmbH (01/2016)

Als Mensch, als Koordinatorin der Regionalgruppe Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Berlin-Brandenburg sowie als Projektleiterin des DBU-Förderprogramms "Modellhafte Umsetzung der 'Gemeinwohl-Bilanzierung' als zentrales Element des weiterentwickelten KMU-Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements" kenne ich Nikolay Georgiev seit Juni 2013 über die Initiative Open Source Ecology Germany. Ich habe ihn stets als überaus herzlichen und sehr aufmerksamen und geistig sehr regen Menschen kennengelernt.

Nikolay denkt innovativ, analytisch und ganzheitlich, was ich sehr schätze. In der Projektentwicklung entwickelt er selbstständig Ideen, überprüft und konzipiert die technische Architektur, wobei sein Fokus klar auf die Realisierung von sozial gerechten, ökologischen und ethischen Werkzeugen liegt.

Seine herausragende Stärke ist die Ausdauer und Willenskraft, eigene Ideen auch umzusetzen, und die Konzepte direkt in der Anwendung zu prüfen und weiterzuentwickeln. Seine Umsetzungsstärke und sein praktisch-pragmatisches Vorgehen schätze ich sehr.

Für die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie ( & & hat er den Gemeinwohl-Schnelltest als Online-Tool programmiert, er hat die Gemeinwohl-Matrix interaktiv mit den umfangreichen Informationen des "Handbuchs zur Gemeinwohl-Bilanz-Erstellung" verknüpft. Das sind wichtige Schritte, die eine praktische und möglichst barrierefreie Nutzung der Gemeinwohl-Indikatoren online ermöglichen.

Ebenso hat Nikolay eigeninitiativ das Projekt der Online-Bilanzierung in Form eines mit der Matrix verbundenen Editors angeschoben und auf einen guten Weg gebracht.

Ich freue mich auf weitere gemeinsame Projekte, auf Nikolays Ideen und Visionen!

~ Katrin Wlucka, dipl. Kulturwiss. Medienkultur / M.Sc. Management in Organic Agriculture, Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (09/2014)

Nikolay Georgiev ist als IT-Experte seit Mitte 2013 für die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (GWÖ) aktiv, zeitweise auch im Rahmen seiner Tätigkeit für die sinnwerkstatt Medienagentur GmbH. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen eines für die GWÖ sehr bedeutenden IT-Projektes habe ich Nikolay in dieser Zeit gut kennen und noch mehr schätzen gelernt.

In erster Linie ist es seinem unermüdlichen Engagement zu verdanken, dass die GWÖ nun über ein Software-Tool verfügt, mit dem Unternehmen ihre Gemeinwohl-Bilanz online erarbeiten können. Nikolay beeindruckte uns als Auftraggeber immer wieder mit seinen analytisch-konzeptionellen Fähigkeiten und seinem umfangreichen Fachwissen. Mit höchster Begeisterung und Präzision wurden unsere Wünsche zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit erfüllt!

Dank Nikolays herzlicher, umsichtiger und hilfsbereiter Art macht die Zusammenarbeit mit ihm großen Spaß, so dass ich hoffe, dass wir noch viele Projekte gemeinsam umsetzen.

~ Thomas Deterding, Regionalkoordinator und Vorstand, Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (09/2014)

Nikolay is a change worker and his tool is his heart. He is very smart, inspiring and full of light. It is a pleasure to be in touch with him.

~ Jan Holzhauer (09/2014)

Ich hatte das große Vergnügen Nikolay etwa ein Jahr lang als Co-Worker in der Thinkfarm Berlin erleben zu dürfen. Alles was er macht, macht er mit Liebe. So hat er auch das Konzept vom Salat der Liebe in die Thinkfarm gebracht: Nimm das Gemüse und Obst, die Nüsse und Gewürze, die du liebst, mische es und fertig ist der Salat. Ein Geschmackserlebnis völlig ungewöhnlicher Art, eines der vielen Experimente, wie sie nur von Nikolay kommen können.

Wenn Nikolay Geburtstag feiert, dann ist es ein Sharing Birthday. Alle sind eingeladen und Niko hat für jeden ein persönliches Geschenk. Er organisiert Diskussionsrunden zum Thema 'Akzeptanz'; das Ergebnis ist eine 'Akzeptanz-Spirale', die er dann auch seiner Mama vorstellt, damit sie ihr helfen möge den Alltag besser zu meistern. Und am Wochenende trifft man ihn in der Sonne sitzend an, wie er über die Liebe nachdenkt. Kurz: Nikolay, ein besonders liebenswürdiger Mensch!

~ Jasmin Wiefek, ThinkFarm Berlin (08/2014)

Ich habe Nikolay als sehr sozial engagierten Menschen kennengelernt, der stets im Sinne des Gemeinwohl denkt. In der Thinkfarm hat Nikolay mit viel Liebe und viel Zeit u.a. ein wöchentliches Format des Zusammenkommens etabliert: Das Mittagessen der Liebe. Er hat es geschafft viele Menschen zusammen an einen Tisch zu bringen, Externe aber vor allem Thinkfarmer die oft unter einem Dach arbeiten und sich dennoch kaum kennen.

Seine Person hat den Raum stets mit Sonne gefüllt. Für einen Programmierer sehr ungewöhnlich. Schade dass nicht auch andere Programmierer ihre Werte so direkt kommunizieren und Projekte die nicht Ihren Werten entsprechen konsequent ablehnen.

Wir brauchen mehr Menschen wie Nikolay, definitiv! Alles Liebe, Carolin

~ Carolin Oelsner, Konzeption & Design, ThinkFarm Berlin (07/2014)

Nikolay is a very accommodating person to stay with. I stayed with him twice, once in 2013 and once in 2014. I enjoyed listening to his perspectives on life, and he had a nice energy about him, and I learnt about dumpster diving and open-source ecology from him.

At times there were the occasional misunderstandings that caused a bit of friction, but once brought to light all was forgiven, or at least I think it was! The second time I stayed with him, I had asthma at night, and it was very cold, so I had to stay with someone else. However, I'll always remember the first time I stayed and all the joyous conversations from himself, and the other couchsurfers he had at the time. Thanks Nikolay, you rock!

Benjamin Lupton (04/2014)

Nikolai is really nice and helpfull, he is really alternative and try to change the socity by his work,hope to see you again nikolai

~ Delphine G (04/2014)

When I think of Nikolay, I think of this heart-shaped, tiny, brilliant coco flake I found floating within a massive bowl of salad. It was like finding a needle in a haystack without actually ever having looked for it. What the cordate coco flake and Nikolay have in common, is, that they are both rarities. Nikolay is of such an incredible warmth, generosity, thoughtfulness and inner balance, I could almost feel his positive aura radiate around him. Love and respect from Sophia

~ Sophia (04/2014)

Nikolay is a true treasure. He was a joy to host and it is now an honor to call him my friend. So considerate and beyond that...really a caring, world-conscientious person. Truly a pleasure to know! Anyone would immediately see that he is a great surfer to host!

~ Karen Wilson (04/2014)

I am always appreciate of great coincidences are happening for me through CS and meeting him and his friend was one of them. I didn't have enough time to spent with them and i just pick them up while they were Hitch hiking and we talked less than 15 min but their energy was so positive and they were nice guys. Hope to see you aagin a day

~ saina (04/2014)

As I said to Nikolay when I got his request, his mission was more than enough to host him to meet him. We shared many things with different topics in such a short time. I feel not completed for our conversation. Easy going, trustful person. Hope to meet you again. ''Sunny'' hugs sun maybe with a few rain drops :)

~ Argın Kubin (04/2014)

Nikolay - thank you for orgamizing that meal and its preparation at Sinnwerkstatt. Really interesting place... met a lot of inspiring people there. Hope to see you again and cook and talk more with you!

~ Christian Hersberger (02/2014)

Nikolay welcomed me in his flat with his flatmates... He was really kind to me, helping me in many ways. And we had a few but very nice, interesting conversations! Thank you Nikolay!

~ Noemie Capdevila (12/2013)

His patience, humility and selflessness are Nikolay's most striking qualities. He's someone who works for what he believes in, lives by his principles, and so to be hosted by him was something I found inspiring. Nikolay enjoys nothing more than sharing his space and his possessions, so much so that he is willing to entrust it fully to his guests, the underlying spirit of couchsurfing; and it was this generosity of spirit, allowing me to stay longer than planned, that enabled me to experience Berlin to the fullest. Thank you Nikolay. I will return again for sure :)

~ Ali Hussain (11/2013)

Hi Nikolay, it was so nice having you as a guest and I very much enjoyed talking, laughing, being silent and having tea with you! Thank you for the wonderful breakfast and you're welcome anytime! All the best to you, wherever you will be! ;-)

~ Nadine (06/2013)

I/we hosted Nikolay for just a night, but in this time we spend a great evening together, played music, shared stories, enjoyed bulgarian almond :-).

~ Julian Smaluhn (05/2013)

Together with another friend of ours, Nicky and I spent an amazing week at Gran Canaria, actively helping each other in our self-development and personal growth. Nicky has a charisma which is rarely to observe in people. He is like a sunshine- spreading positive vibes all around and naturally making you comfortable and relaxed. Waking up every morning saying Hello to the day while listening to the beautiful music he put or doing some very simple things but with great pleasure were just a few of the things that made it so unforgettable. He is definitely a person from whom you can learn more as much through conversations as much through by simply obsering him and seeing the great love and awareness he puts into everything!

Magi Nazer (04/2013)

Hi Nikolay! Thank you for the wonderful time in Porto. Thank you for your respectfulness, kindness and spirit of sharing. Come back soon to Porto! We'll be in touch!

~ Francisco (03/2013)

Nikolai is a very friendly guy, very good at hugs. I met him in Porto and we two started free hugs CS event in the city center. I helped him color the posters but unfortunately i wasnt good at hugs, because its my first time but really had a wonderful experience hugging people. Never did that before but i did my maximum to help Nikolai. Thanks to Nikolai for that.

~ Prabhu Balakrishnan (03/2013)

I met Nikolay at CeBIT fair. He's a very friendly.

~ Maciek (03/2013)

Nikolay is an amazing person - smart, widely interested and caring. It was a pleasure to host him. We had some nice talk, he played a bit piano for us and made a great salad.

~ Ute (03/2013)

Easy-going, interesting person who told me new viewpoints about solidarity and sustainability. I wish you many successes with your way of life, Nikolay!

~ Mario Sedlak  (03/2013)

Nikolay wears a broad smile and has a very cheerful nature. We hiked together to Feldberg, which he organized. He has a variety of interests and it was great conversing with him as we hiked. Good luck for his book and looking forward to traveling more with him.

~ Gokul Raju (02/2013)

Hey Nikolay, I also enjoyed this hike and your ideas and work. see you soon!

~ Tim Pflügner (02/2013)

Hey Nikolay, It was very nice to have your company during the Feldberg Hike. I still remember your little stunts in the snow ...which actually motivated the others to try something similar......all thanks to you. You are kind and helpful.........and someone who is willing to expand their knowledge in every sphere of it science, spirituality or anything else... I wish you good luck for writing your book.

~ Akanksha Bhutani (02/2013)

I can remember the taste of the snow.. a little bit cold I would say... but a great meeting! Absolutely splendid landscapes.. Nikolay, a man who has the bravery to fight for the Good on this planet, it is really honourable and courageous. Welcome are you too.

~ Marthe Schäfer (02/2013)

I know Nikolay from the Open Source Ecology Germany project. He is very dedicated to fixing the bugs in our society through his work and everyday live. Needless to say that I would host him any time he needs a place to stay in Karlsruhe.

~ Chris Kelvin (12/2012)

Yeah, it was a really great time hosting Nikolay. He's committed to make the world a better place, with very practical actions. There was a seminar that he held here, that was both inspiring and polarizing. I learned a lot about communication and disussing during that day. He joined me for my morning runs which was a lot of fun and he has a really awesome way of awereness towards a lot of things (like the mind in general, food, productivity). He was a great and inspiring guest!

~ Olli (09/2012)

Nikolay and his friend Krum surfed our couch in summer, so we went together to a barbecue of our friend's. Both are really easy to talk to and they fastly connected to our friends, too. Everybody liked them! It was a great evening, I had a lot of fun! On top of that they like cats ;) Thanks for the nice time! (sorry guys, for the late reference)

~ Nadine Zebisch (07/2012)

Well I know Nikolay for half a year now. He is pretty punctual in attending hikes and sessions where self development and spirituality is the key focus. I like his thoughts and attitude towards life. He is currently busy chasing his dream and I pray that he succeeds! Gracia

~ Pharaz A. (07/2012)

Hi Nikolay it was a nice day walking through the odenwald and talking to interesting people. I enjoied it very much to spend the afternoon with you and the other people, Torsten

~ Torsten Koelsch (07/2012)

I met Nikolay on dream sharing event he has organized. As we've been hiking together I was impressed how he works towards realizing his dreams and how interested about other people's ideas he is. With his reliability and dveotion, I would go with Nikolay not only on a hike in Odenwald but also any adventure. Keep going! Oleg

~ Oleg B (06/2012)

Nikolay i am so glad that i had the chance to join the event that day and meet you and all of those people ,it was definitely great,such a friendly atmosphere and very beautiful nature...thanks for the organization and all ,I hope to meet you in other events in near future:)

~ Derya Yilmaz (06/2012)

Thank you Nikolay, for this inspiring hiking trip with a lot af different and highly amazing people. If you are in Worms, just give me a call, you are always welcome here. Meet you soon again on some hiking tour hopefully!

~ Oliver Kissling (06/2012)

Hey, it was great meeting you too! :) You have a very inspiring theory about the barefoot walking and I am glad you shared it with me! :) My feet are still recovering, but it was worth it and I will keep trying :) It was great sharing some laughing moments with you! Keep your positive attitude and your sense of humour! :)

~ Ekaterina Uzunova (06/2012)

Dear Nikolay, your calm, open and positive attitude is impressive, uplifting and welcoming and it gives others the confidence to be the same way. I am very happy to have had the chance to met you and i hope we can continue to exchange thoughts another time. I admire your aims and am very curious in what you are trying to do :). Hope to speak to you soon.

~ Lisa Wasserstrass (06/2012)

Niki is a great guy. Totally unconventional, conscience driven, energetic like Duracell ;-) loving and caring for other people and society. He's trying new things, very audacious and there's a lot of substance to the things he does. Compared to many people who draw energy form you he's the other way around, enriching your life and giving you power and motivation.

~ Daniel Lang (04/2012)

Niki surprised me so pleasantly with the Free Hugs campaign! Not only did we have such a great time but I also managed to know somebody who's not afraid to show his philanthropy to others. Niki's very warmhearted and spontaneous, he made so many smile. For sure we will meet again, and I hope that we have the time to organize another bringing-joy-to-mankind initiative! :)

~ Sneji Prodanova (03/2012)

Hola Nikolaj my beautiful soulmate!!! Thanks for having you here. I wish you all the best and - see you in the 4th dimension:) astral travelling forever!!!

~ Jacob DiII (02/2012)

Intelligent, polite, with a big mission and a good heart. Perfect guest, interesting Mission (open source ecology) and big plans. It was a pleasure!

~ Konne (01/2012)

Nikolay is that extremely positive that he's literally bubbling over with joy, happiness, positiveness, love and all the other great emotions one can know! Unbelievable :D

We met the second time at Free Hugs in Karlsruhe and I couldn't see him 'not smiling' even for one second. His smile is exhaustless :) Very, very great person and full of love..

~ Chiara (03/2011)

Nikolay never stops smiling :)

~ Volha Samusevich (02/2011)

Nikolay is a really great friend. I think he was born to inspire (literally!=). He loves to have deep and meaningful conversations and can often get quite spontaneous! :-D. Thanks for the support! :)

~ Sheena Shah (10/2010)

Nikolay is difficult do describe, and it's great. He's definitely an independent-thinker. He's warm and cool. He's happy and pensive. He's simple and complex. He's the kind of person that feels like a friend when you first meet him. I hardly know him and I already miss spending time with him. I know he could teach me a lot more if I had more time. In his personal description, he described himself as ((((((())))))) and I think that fits him very well! ;-) Thanks for hosting me Nikolay! I hope to see you again!

~ Oscar Gonzalez (08/2010)

Nikolay and his friend Krum were really kind guests. They do care for the environment and seem to be really sophisticated persons. It was fun to be with them. We spent the whole evening just sitting aroound and chatting and it was so much fun! Nikolay was a really kind guest and it was great to host him. Maybe we'll meet someday again, that would be awesome!

~ Anna Lena Berg (08/2010)

Nikolay arrived when I was getting ready to go on my hiking trip. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for him, but he was very understanding, friendly and easy going and I'm sure he enjoyed his stay nevertheless, as much as I enjoyed his company. I hope next time we meet I'll be less busy.

~ Berthold (08/2010)

His friend an he were my first Surfers and it worked out pretty well :) Nice talking to him, but unfortunately only short. Next time we'll probably spent more time together.

~ Jan Mudrack (06/2010)

Auf Grund seiner guten und fundierten Fachkenntnisse und seiner Berufserfahrung konnte Herr Georgiev jederzeit flexibel eingesetzt werden. Durch die Teilnahme an Schulungen erweiterte er sein fachliches Wissen und Können mit Erfolg. Seine sehr schenelle Auffassungsgabe ermöglichte es Herrn Georgiev, auch schwierige Sachverhalte sofort zu überblicken und dabei das Wesentliche zu erkennen. Seine fundierte und sichere Urteilsfähigkeit ermöglichte es ihm, auch in schwierigen Situationen eigenständig zu guten Entscheidungen zu gelangen.

Herr Georgiev ergriff selbst die Initiative und zeige große Einsatzbereitschaft für unser Unternehmen und unsere Kunden. Selbst in Stresssituationen und unter Belastung behielt er die Übersicht, handelte konsequent und erzielte Ergebnisse von solider Güte. In allen Situationen agierte Herr Georgiev sehr verantwortungsbewusst, zielorientiert und gewissenhaft. Sein Arbeitsstil zeichnete sich durch Zuverlässigkeit aus. Sowohl in qualitativer als auch in quantitativer Hinsicht erzielte er immer gute Arbeitsergebnisse.

Die Leistungen von Herrn Georgiev haben unseren hohen Erwartungen stets und in bester Weise entsprochen.

Sein kollegiales Wesen sicherte ihm immer ein gutes Verhältnis zu Vorgesetzten und Mitarbeitern. Im Umgang mit Kunden war es jederzeit freundlich und respektvoll.

~ Dr. Ingrid Mikosch, HR Referentin Senior, Logica Deutschland GmbH & Co (06/2011)

Herr Georgiev gehörte zu einem Entwicklungsteam, welches agile Softwareentwicklung auf Basis von SCUM betreibt und ist mit dieser Methode vertraut.

Er erledigte die ihm übertragenen Aufgaben stets zuverlässig und termingerecht zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit. Er verfügt über ausgezeichnete Fachkenntnisse und die Fähigkeit neue, komplexe Problemstellungen systematisch schnell und lösungsorientiert zu bearbeiten. Er steht neuen Problemen und Techniken immer sehr aufgeschlossen gegenüber.

Gegenüber der Geschäftsführung und den Mitarbeitern war sein Verhalten stets einwandfrei. Er trug zu einer guten und effizienten Teamarbeit bei. Auch fügte er sich immer perfekt in die wechselnden Projektteams ein und ist mit den Mitarbeitern aller Hierarchieebenen jederzeit sehr gut zurecht gekommen.

~ Jörg-Kleinz, Geschäftsführer, intelligent views GmbH (02/2010)

Nikolay is an intelligent guy, sensitiv and a very humble person. i love such persons like him.

~ SASVATI (10/2009)

I hosted Nikolay and recognized quickly that he's a really out-and-out positive person. Meeting him will surely enrich you. He's always smiling and laughing. And for sure he's the most modest person I've ever met! =) I thank you with all my heart. Best wishes, Melli

~ Melanie Herr (10/2009)

I have learned interesting new things from Nikolai. Thanks for that, it's a lasting treasure. My kids still think of you. All the best for you!

~ Jutta Gless (09/2009)

I had a great time with Nikolai and enjoyed my stay. He's really a great and caring host as well an interesting partner for conversation.

~ Michael Gömmel (09/2009)

Nikolay is cool, he is a very open-minded and always smiling person! Although he didn't have much time because of his exam next week, I passed a great time with him. He took the time he had to show me some sights of the city and we had a lot of fun.. Thank ya, Nikolay.. And I wish you all the best for your exam!

~ Roland Neumann (03/2009)

Wir lernten Herrn Georgiev als zuverlässigen und sehr fleißigen Mitarbeiter kennen. Seine Leistungen lagen stets weit über dem Durchschnitt. Die ihm übertragenen Aufgaben erfüllte er stets zur vollsten Zufriedenheit. Sein Verhalten gegenüber Vorgesetzten und Kollegen war jederzeit vorbildlich und korrekt.

~ Daniel Bär, Betreuer, Fraunhofer IGD (03/2009)

Herr Georgiev setzte seine umfassenden Programmierfachkenntnisse erfolgreich ein. Er erledigte seine Aufgabe stets mit größter Sorgfalt und Genauigkeit und war auch starken Arbeitsbelastungen jederzeit gewachsen. Durch seine selbständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeit hat er stets sehr gute Arbeitsergebnisse erzielt. Herr Georgiev hat seine Position stets zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit ausgeübt und unseren Erwartungen in jeder Hinsicht entsprochen. Sein Verhalten gegenüber Vorgesetzten und Kollegen war einwandfrei.

~ Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser, Abteilungsleiter, FB Informatik, Telekooperation, TU Darmstadt (10/2007)

Herr Georgiev hat im Rahmen unseres Projekts, das das Ziel verfolgte, statt der PIN/TAN, prototypisch die digitalisierte Unterschrift in einem Online-Banking Portal einzusetzen, das Front-End dieses prototypischen Online-Banking Portals entworfen. Er hat diesen Entwurf in JavaScript und Java implementiert. Auch das Tablet PC SDK und C# würden teilweise benutzt. Darüber hinaus hat Herr Georgiev die Implementierung umfangreich dokumentiert.

Herr Georgiev setzte seine umfassenden Programmierfachkenntnisse erfolgreich ein. Er erledigte seine Aufgabe stets mit größter Sorgfalt und Genauigkeit und war auch starken Arbeitsbelastungen jederzeit gewachsen. Durch seine selbständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeit hat er stets sehr gute Arbeitsergebnisse erzielt. Herr Georgiev hat seine Position stets zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit ausgeübt und unseren Erwartungen in jeder Hinsicht entsprochen. Sein Verhalten gegenüber Vorgesetzten und Kollegen war einwandfrei.

~ Dipl.-Ing. Alejandro Perez Blanco, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Multimedia Kommunikation, TU Darmstadt (10/2005)

One of my best friends and one of the best people I've ever met. Niki is the most positive person I know. Always smiling and always ready to help. He is making the world every day better.

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